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Unexpected Nudity

Aug 5, 2011|

Nudity is funny, especially when you least expect it. Where were you when you got surprised by a naked person?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I just buried very annoying annoying. -- -- Elisa -- on 98 point five KE RZ. There's a story about this this guy Wisconsin. You watch over your neighbor's house wearing nothing but a Bandana wrapped around his face. And a pair of sunglasses on. There's totally naked. But He covers his identity with a Bandana and sunglasses and then they're lounge chair she happened to be sunbathing got up to get a drink she comes out. When there is there's -- go down wearing nothing but a Bandana and sunglasses you know make -- Roiling if Cuomo. First police were called. How close are there is little on drugs and alcohol involved I'm sure five that we're wondering now where did you. I see someone naked and you least expected it yes you're right I think when we earlier in Orlando. Our neighbor was the -- saw -- -- hour's ride my bike in the neighborhood is like 2 o'clock in the afternoon. His garage door is wide open food world and He had failed -- In the garage today. Saying it was his beer fridge Aaron if lot of people out though broad daylight -- after nearly half the glanced over to they see the open garage and the area is walking totally naked. In the garage to grab a beer He turns around walks back in the house yeah. Okay afternoon it was that began the rights of the left side that way is you're looking out our old house showdown the last. The less side us cool OK so where did you see somebody make it where you least expected at 1800. Q2 20985. Or even text the show 34 to thirty. Leo a lot of their bridges there and the hair and X clubs gone crazy over this unexpected nudity thing -- -- and where do you see somebody naked. Where you least expected and I deal with truck drivers every day one day I had to wake up this driver that was sleeping. Knocked on -- -- after a few minutes He answered with nothing on but knee high socks food not a pretty much. Better. This naked guy I was waiting for the bus some pointers from well Stephanie I need earmark money and that's you're really gonna -- off. -- naked lady washing your truck at the car wash across the street from my house in the middle of December. Yet the only other high heels and fish net stockings. Here is about fifty definitely not somebody you'd wanna see doing now. Thanks Jason well my dad. In December in -- -- the mother out there that's like you to materials and may. I can't be here next to the Iraqis -- show I'd expected nudity what happened. I'm real birthday a little bit appraiser I -- you both very good you are hopeful -- golfers food -- not on the front door god opens a door but they can. -- plus 350 pound truck -- -- Online and a you have -- like yeah they go to the unemployment slow walked and how fun. God -- turned dark so we don't really know where you pitcher you know where you can drive that baby right try to get people hitters they've. But don't just -- where it has the strong get out of his wrongs and walked in walked up and shook my head that you would make it's true enough but myself. Has got to feel like -- cameras but the summary let me yeah you gotta -- were still wearing. The -- That's weird -- and their loved the daughter came out she was about 45 and even knocked out and certainly doesn't seem so -- to me up. The chief gave this there's fair yeah of course the mother eventually came out and I'll forward they're talking to me it was just not oddest thing in the world they're all just totally naked all all of the zero to borrow the lovable polar the whole crew into. I actually -- -- look around big okay that we shut me up to the -- I'll stay right after we got to book that's out there were for real. -- and what did they say like your nudist or something and they just don't you tell me first you know we're nudist bit of those -- -- people that are from the fire -- deal or are not educated are closed minded the end. You -- and that guy bonds but -- yeah -- yeah.

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