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Wendy Williams: Man or Woman

Mar 30, 2011|

Is Wendy Williams a man or woman? Rocky, Sue & Lissa are more confused then ever before after the audio they played this morning.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guarantee you this we'll come back to bite you any. I can see Michelle -- to -- power consumption. 98 point five KE RC. So Cheryl -- Yes didn't -- -- these holes are not to comment on Chris Brown situation the entire cast of Dancing With The Stars was told you are not to comment on Chris Brown performing we're gonna have performed. Yell just shut up. -- -- Released a statement saying I -- a victim of domestic violence right I don't agree with him coming on I agree on the fire me fire me but this is out of my control I just don't agree with that. Yeah and -- -- and we spoke in her we liked her because she's very friendly overrunning your Wendy Williams had a son would love to hear -- she commented as well I'll wait. I can't wait what's -- But something Chris himself hello I am I did tonight. Okay okay -- Obama and the I don't really concern I was really heard those -- You people -- -- -- in and yes and I'm I'm not just John mean this recycler in the isn't in I'm pretty sure your mind around your mind. Really -- I can't wait. I can't wait with a man that -- -- in an audio to -- around Apple's. Like Seattle.

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